Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Did a simple repairing, cosmetic fixing, and coloring with my Photoshop :D

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One of my hobbies

I really love to draw cartoons, anime and the likes, but ideas sometimes really come out of the blue... But whenever I got the urge to draw, I take my blue Pilot Shaker 0.5 Shaker and my black Pilot 2020 0.7 Shaker, an eraser, and start drawing and sketching that some may take up to 3 hours to complete, working like there's no tomorrow xD

Some of my sketches I didn't colored yet

Did a mini-portrait cartoons of my friends :D


Some random dude... The scruffy hair was intentionally, as, well, it does look nice that way


My Ragnarok Online in-game pet...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Out of boredness

Well, of course, first of all, I'll be playing games on the PC or PSP, but I do sometimes sketch, or write something interesting.

Here's one of my writings which I deemed to find interesting to read when I have nothing to do, well for me, at least. Seems like there's a lot of grammatical and vocabulary mistakes, but I try my best to narrow it down.


Gazing towards the sky, Xylos let out a weak frown. It’s unnaturally red. Even when it’s not dawn yet. Perhaps it was tainted by the coming of the Burning Legion to Rune-Midgard. They are an army of demons, first appeared up north in Rune-Midgard. At early stage, they seem to be like some of those pesky demon raids, but soon the defenders of the north realize that they were only the scouts sent to gather intel on the northern cities. Thereafter, swarms of demons appeared out of nowhere. Though the defenders of the cities on the north put out a valiant fight, but soon fell by the might of the Burning Legion. One by one, the majestic cities fall. Yuno and Alde Baran had been decimated, Lutie had been laid to waste, and Amatsu was fully obliterated.

Now only the magical city of Geffen and the capital city of Rune-Midgard, Prontera, remain strong. The village of Payon was ravaged weeks before, and Morroc remained unheard, but some refugees from Morroc who sought shelter here said that the coming of the Burning Legion has awaken an ancient evil that was slumbering deep inside Morroc, and it seems that Morroc was considered destroyed too.

“Hey! Xylos!” Xylos’s gazing was interrupted by a familiar, elderly voice.

“Oh, it’s you. What is it now?” replied coldly by Xylos towards Axela, a colleague of him and one of the members of Kirin Tor, the governing body of Geffen.

“You don’t have to be that harsh, you know. I came here by the words of the Kirin Tor, by Antonidas himself. He asked if you would come to the meeting at the Chamber of Magi, on top of …”

“I know where it is, and I’ll be there.”

“Sheesh, being an arch mage in a very young age really got you arrogant, did it?”Axela retorted.

“Quit babbling and let’s go. We don’t want to make that old man waits till death, do we now?” Axela glanced at Xylos, but said nothing, as she was used to Xylos’s sarcasm. He took out his staff, and knock the staff’s tip twice, and the two gone within the thin air.


Xylos and Axela appeared in somewhat seems to be like a room covered with magical darkness. Nothing can be seen; even Axela, but her spiritual power, and the other spiritual powers can be felt.

“Now that everyone has arrived, let this veil of darkness be lifted” said an elderly, raspy voice.

A minor clap was heard. The darkness soon dissipates, revealing the chamber, with elegant elven architecture, and three other magi, sitting on ethereal chairs, surrounding a huge round wooden table. The magi who are attending are the head magi of Kirin Tor, Antonidas, whose age and wisdom are far beyond comparison, the handsome elf mage Qiel Farfalla, the Loremaster of Geffen, the cold and calm slender mage Dionne, who’s perhaps the most powerful sorceress alive, and Axela and Xylos himself.

“You are late, as always” stated Dionne, whom Xylos known for having little patience. Xylos, however, remains silence, not because he is scared of her prowess, but rather, he is lazy to have any shows of rudeness around his colleague.

“Now, now Dionne, at least this time, he is here, in time. “ Antonidas chuckled.

“Now, for the serious issues. The King of Prontera had requested further aid from us. Although we’re busy dealing with this menace the Burning Legion has brought onto us, we cannot ignore plea for help from our ally. Axela, assemble a five-member team of the best magi out of the Arcane Sanctum and head towards Prontera to help.” said Antonidas.

Good riddance …. Xylos thought

“And you Xylos, I know what you are thinking. I have a task for you too. You ought to go work in a pair with Dionne to investigate the ruins of Payon, to search for any clue of how to counter these demons’s foul magic.” Antonidas’s sudden statement made Xylos grunts. Dionne, who has never like Xylos due to his laziness, glanced at Antonidas.

“Oh, you two shall get along just fine” mocked Qiel.

“Now, Qiel, we should discuss on what more to do with these savages right here…”


Walking in the forest is never to the liking of Xylos. He tends to get tired so easily, but Dionne realizes this, and ignored it. Born with the arcane power, Xylos rarely walks. Usually he summoned his stead from the Twisting Nether for traveling purposes, but this accursed Dionne somehow forbids it through the use of magic.

“Quit complaining. Payon is just a few hours ahead.” Dionne coldly said. Dionne and Xylos never liked each other. The two are like oil and water. While Dionne is always serious and cold, Xylos is more of a carefree and cheerful person. Maybe that’s what made them dislike each other. But the two of them respect each other, as they know, that each of them is one of the most powerful magi in the world.

Suddenly, they heard a cry coming from the east. Xylos looks at Dionne, and she nods. They rush toward to the source of that cry. Just as they began to make haste, a little elf girl ran towards them. The girl, barely as tall as Xylos’s waist, hugged him closely, and Xylos kneels down and caresses the little girl.

“What’s wrong, girl? Where are your parents?” Xylos gently asked.

“Th-…. They been killed….” The girl weeps even louder.

“By whom?”

The girl twists to show, but gasps instead. Barely unable to speak, she points at the direction she came from.

Xylos and Dionne both look at where the girl points and Dionne curses. There, several yards from them, stand a figure with goat head, humanoid torso, and goat legs. In its grasp is a massive black scythe. Sometime during Xylos studies, he remembered this exact demon in an ancient book he read. This is Baphomet, one of the demon lords of Rune-Midgard. Currently, the demon lords are ally with the Burning Legion, but what remains mystery to the Kirin Tor is what the Burning Legion did to convince them to join their ranks.

Dionne is the first to act. With a swift wave of her hand, blue flames appeared out of nowhere and began to engulf the demon lord. Xylos points his staff towards the sky, and requests aid from the heaven. The heaven answered, and bolts of lightning from the sky lash towards Baphomet. But Baphomet stands still. Although engulfed in flames and struck by lightning, it stood still, as if nothing happens. Then, Baphomet waves his scythe, and the flames and lightning vanish.

“Isss that all the powersss of the Kirin Tor? How disssappointing.” It was Baphomet’s. It’s mouth didn’t move, but the words are on Xylos and Dionne’s mind.

Then, Baphomet lunges his hand forward. An invisible force grabbed Dionne by her stomach, incapacitating her and it began to tightly squeeze Dionne.

“Run Xylos!” Dionne yelled. She thrust her hand forwards, summoning a gryphon out of the sky.

“But ……”

“Run Xylos!” she repeated “We are no match for this demon lord. Run! Take this girl to safety, and report to the Kirin Tor of what happened here”

Seeing Xylos hesitated to leave her, Dionne mutters an incantation, pushing Xylos and the girl from her. Finally, Xylos reluctantly obeys, and mounted the girl and himself onto the gryphon and started to fly away. Then, while on air, Xylos heard Dionne’s scream, and the demon lord, laughing at his cowardice. He had to flee, in order to saves the girl and himself, and also reports this to the Kirin Tor.


After they both arrived safely in Geffen, Xylos immediately search for any priests around.

“You. You there! Please tend to this girl.” Xylos commanded, ignoring the disgusted face the priest did. The priesthood has never liked the magi. For them, those who gained power other then the Light is considered damnation.

But this is not the time for this. Xylos rushes towards the Arcania Laboratory, place where Antonidas usually had his experiments and studies. But the door is nowhere to be seen. This could only mean that he’s not here.

Then, he remembered the rest of the Kirin Tor. Trying to link his mind to them, he concentrates. Finally, he linked his mind to Qiel’s and started to converse telepathically

Qiel Farfalla! This is Xylos Sunreaver! I wish to know where Antonidas is! It’s urgent!

Oh, it’s you. You’re back early from expected. Where’s Dionne? Replied Qiel.

There is no time for this. Dionne’s dead and I need to meet Antonidas now.

Oh my … Antonidas is among the frontline of the magi defending Geffen, west of here.

Thanks were all that Xylos could’ve said. He needs to report this to Antonidas as soon as possible, seeing that one of the demon lords is wandering around Payon ruins. And now, he needs to search for his superior….


Axela is flying above the battlefield outside Prontera using a hippogryph the stable master of Geffen had trained, along with her Crimson Hue squad which she just assembled. Down below, humans, elfs, dwarves, all are battling the demons which seeks to destroy Rune-Midgard’s civilizations. Scores of demons perished by the blades, arrows, and other weapons used against them, but by each demon fell, four to six demons appeared, filling up the gap left by their fallen comrades.

“Now, I want you all to focus on the battlefield, and think of the most powerful offensive spell you know. But don’t tell me what it is. Just release it when I say so!” yelled Axela. She is trying to re-create a grand spell the magi of Order of Yuno died working for. For the spell to be truly devastating to the demons, she requires random spells from each of the magi. Now, she thanks departed souls as their work will not go to waste, and hoping that these magi she picked will not fail her.

The others nodded.

Good. Just a little more …


The sky begins darkening. Then, bolts of ice and flame fell towards the hordes of demons. Lightning flashes from the sky and struck the demons. Earth begins to melt, swallowing the demons whole. Out of nowhere, explosions occurred here and there. Roots emerged from the land, binding and squeezing the life out of those demons.

Then, a shriek of one of the magi took the attention of Axela from the battlefield. She twists to the left, and see that one of her comrade and his mount, shriveled as if the very water in their bodies are sucked out. Lifeless, both the mage and the hippogryph, they fell towards the battlefield.

Axela tried to locate the source of this foul magic, and instead, stared in horror at a grotesque figure below at the battlefield. It towers most of the demons, as Axela had realized, it was Dracula, one of the demon lords of Rune-Midgard.


The others stared each other, confused. They don’t know what had befallen at one of their comrades, as they’re busy casting chains of spells at the battlefield.

Dracula took this confusion to his advantage, and held both of his palms upward. Then, the flesh of the mounts of two of the magi flying above suddenly decayed, quickly turn into bones and dust. The riders scream as they fall high above towards the field.


“On it, mistress...” the mage beside Axela answered. He mutters an incantation, and a portal opened at the direction where the mountless riders fall. The magi fall through the portal, and hopefully, they are safe, wherever the portal might lead to.

“Now, all retreat to Prontera. We have no energy to cast a spell, what more to defend ourselves from the assaults from the demon lord. Make haste!” Axela and the rest of the Crimson Hue fly towards Prontera, and praying that the soldiers of the frontline be saved from the wrath of the demon lord.


After searching and asking through the encampment, finally a sniper offered herself to lead the way to Antonidas’s tent.

There, Xylos thanked the sniper, and quickly bursts into the tent. Antonidas was testing a few tests and experiments on what seems to be a captured demon. Clearly, he is not pleased with this interruption.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but I have dire news. It seems that there is a demon lord, Baphomet in Payon ruins, and seems that it is on his way to Prontera, and Dionne is dead, holding off the demon lord and forced me to report this to you” stated Xylos solemnly.

Antonidas gasps.

“Dionne’s death is not in vain. She did what is right. But what more unsettling is that, I recently had news from Axela that there is Dracula, the demon lord on the battlefield outside Prontera. With your report, we can conclude that Baphomet is bringing reinforcement for Dracula’s troops.”

“Axela survived during the encounter of the Crimson Hue with Dracula, but not without casualties, what more if Baphomet is to be there.” Continued Antonidas.

“Then, what you propose to do?” asked Xylos.

“Young Xylos, you’re always the slow one to pick up. I shall call Qiel to prepare a portal to Prontera. And from there onwards, we will discuss with the Church of Prontera on dealing with the demon lords.”
Antonidas let out a weak sigh “ No matter how much the Church hates us magi, they will listen to this and decisions will be made if we are to save our world from this wretched demons”

“Now Xylos, you seem tired. Go ahead and take a rest” and Xylos obeyed, even he’s in grief and anger for the death of Dionne, he knows what’s best to do, and for now, he’s going to take a rest before heading to Prontera with Qiel and Antonidas.

Ps. I did this all myself, with sources from various games i.e. Ragnarok Online, Norse Mythology, World of Warcraft, and yadda yadda yadda

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Inactive ...

Its been awhile since I last posted here. I was really out of ideas of what to write, as I'm not really aware of the current What's Hot, What's Not ..

Maybe I'll start being active again, as I had this sudden urge to start actively posting again, but I do hope it wasn't another "hangat hangat tahi ayam"..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fun weekend !

After a usual week of school, one of my friends invited me to accompany him to see him skates at Mont. Kiara, Damansara. I followed, since seriously, I have nothing better to do in home instead of playing computer games and forum-ing non-stop.

So, we took a train in the mornin'. Kinda freezing at that time. Damn aircond..

After we reached KL Central, we took a cab to Mont. Kiara. At the first look of the payment for a trip to there, I was like, "What the hell ?" but with my friend's eagerness and enthusiasm in skating, nevertheless, we paid. But what's more surprising is, after we reached our supposedly destination, it was closed for some crappy function that was held at the skating park. My friend was abit, heart broken, after a very loooooooong trip, it was closed. What a waste of rm15.... So, after hours of cheering up(exaggeration)we went to Pavillion. Another rm20 kaching-kaching...

Well, all that we did in Pavillion was just sight-seeing. Seeing the prices made me almost going to suicide in there. My dad gave me like, enough money only for eating. Good thing i brought some of my duit raya too.

We had lunch in Michaelangelo, an Italian restaurant.

I had a Pasta Pollo something something, couldn't recalled what it was. Only managed to get a pict of it finished. Forgot to take the pict when it was not eaten yet. My bad.

My friend. Don't know what's on his mind, but clearly sadden by not being able to skate. LOL.

The Carbonara Spaghetti he ordered. It was really good, but memuakkan, with all the creamy gravy. So it was left unfinished even with the two of us eating it, too bad. What a waste of good food... ( it cost rm30 per plate for god's sake.)

After partially finished eating, we were going to head to Time Square, then, a foreign teenager, possibly British, came up to my friend, while showing off his skateboard. We had a lil intro. His name was Colton, and been staying here for 2 years for i don't know what. Been living here that long, Colton knew where to skate around this area. So he took us to where he's been playing. After all those hair-pulling and cheering up, finally my friend could play at last. Well, I'm okay with following them, as long as my friend is happy, I'm fine.

We reached home at 8 PM, and went back home after taking another long trip from KL to Seremban by train. Good thing this time, no smelly Bangladeshi in the train.

The next day, was like the usual day. Nothing interesting.

My family went to Syah Alam without me, as I decided not to follow for some particular reason.

Found out that I was hungry, I raid thru the whole kitchen, and decided to make some nice burgers for lunch.

Found out there were none burger buns left. Had to use Gardinia's instead.

Right after finished eating, my family came back with Kentucky's. Aiyo. Only managed to eat a piece of chicken, instead of regularly 3 pieces =(

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It's been a while though. These days, I really want to post something, but as I clicked in the Create Post page, then, I got the " Oh shit, what was I'm going to write ?!!"

Few weeks till my final exam this year, well two weeks to be precise, and yet most of the subjects hasn't finished yet the syllabus... really gotta keep up

Oh yea, currently working on a very long novel-like essay. Will post later for updates.

This raya, I saw all people busy having fun here and there, but to me, it's pretty boring these year. Either I don't really know how to have fun, or I'm too old for it. or either both perhaps ?

Ughhh, here's the laziness starting to kick in.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

AI 2009

American Idol this year had just ended, with finale which performances was a blast, bigger and better than last year's...

Kris Allen was officially crowned this year's idol, outvoted the rocker Adam Lambert.

I have to say that this season have been amazing , with few contestants being my favorites such as Lil, Kris...

Various world iconic artists and hugely known personalities came and performed from Black Eyed Peas to Steve Martin

And I was also slightly pleased that Kris had won, course I prefer him to Adam , for rock isn't my choice of music...

Here's a photo of Kris funny face when he sang, he did that in almost every performance LOL Either he was enjoying the music, or just messing around with his face :D

Here's the big 'O' face when he was declared the winner

Hehe .... but still my favorite idol is always , Kelly Clarkson LOL !!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A bit of this and that ...

First few weeks of this month started like crap ! On the first day (Labor Day) I stayed at home with my mom while the rest went to some kenduri somewhere else.

My mom, with her hobbies of pastry decorations and such, while I was going to die of boredom. So I raid thru the kitchen, and decided to cook up something to please my huge appetite.

And voila, I managed to cook up a fried macaroni, and a cup of warm milo.

The taste was so-so, but it was expected. Im not that good yet (forgot to add salt)

The rabbit was abit funny lately. It started to eat paper, and I dont think that's normal.

Since the first pasta i cooked up few days ago, I was agitated to whip up some spaghetti bolognese and it turned out to be good. Well, good bye Pizza Hut ! Heheh...

Some deliveries my mom did ...

Somewhere in Putrajaya ......

Have you ever been in a situation when you're obviously doing something, while someone walked to you and asked what you're doing ?]

Well, I myself had been in that situation tons of times, and while I am well known in my school for my sarcasm and expert word manipulator, Im gonna share one of the situation i faced in school.

I was sitting at my desk, doing AddMath homework, while using a calculator. A classmate of mine, walk to me, and started a conversation.

XX : Zul, buat apa tuh ?

Didn't he saw the calculator on my hand, with the obnoxious look people always did when they faced a complicated problem ?

Me : Tengah buat karangan .... Payah gila nak siapkan 350 patah perkataan nih...

And he walked off, feeling annoyed , maybe ...

After I gave up on my work , I went to him, just to humour him.... and now he's the one doing some AddMath work.. and obviously a calculator was seen on his desk.

Me : Ko tengah buat apa tu ?

XX : Buat karangan... esok cikgu mintak

How dare he used my own word against me....

Me : Ooo... bangang jugak ko ni buat karangan pakai calculator. Bagus2... Teruskan usaha mu...

And I walked off, satisfied that I crushed him to pieces, but we knew we're just messing around.. Hehehehe

Friday, May 1, 2009

May has arrived

The dreaded month, May has indeed arrived. During these month, students will be locking up themselves in their room for their exams, well, not me !

Although exams are coming, its not like its the end of the world. I mean, I studied and yet I enjoyed playing games too.

And for this month, I've started to practice bowling under a coach in JJ S2.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another day, another moment....

Today was a tedious day for my parents with delivering cakes for a wedding in Nilai, and went to Bangi to enjoy an Italian snack after having lunch in Nilai.

While in Bangi, we went to a pet shop and bought a baby bunny.

Introducing the newest member of our family, Mohica !

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Practice , Practice ....

Since English is my second language , I still have to practice a lot and I don't expect any fantastic grammar or bombastic vocabs. But I'll practice and practice to become better :D

Here is an article i wrote/typed for my oral test.

The ocean is a major body of salty water which made up two third of the earth. It is divided into several main oceans and smaller seas.

The ocean is so vast that only almost 80% of the oceans were explored. It also contains countless of aquatic species, and hundreds to be discovered every few weeks. The ocean also consists of various breath-taking natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef or the Mariana Trench, which is the deepest point of the ocean and the deepest trench discovered yet. Who knows, the infamous prehistoric Megalodon might be lurking in the deep abyss of the seas, waiting just to be discovered.

The usage of the seas dates back thousands of years before. Ancient people, who spent their live living in a nomadic ways of hunting and gathering food from the forest, started to live in a tribe and started staying permanently nearby the seashores or rivers. There are many expeditions proved that most of the ancient civilization started from the seashore or rivers, as the people are mostly consist of farmers and fishermen.

The ocean is the main source of protein for human and other creatures. It supplied food for us over millenniums. The water from the ocean is not drinkable due to its high on salt. The Dead Sea, which is located between Israel and Jordan, is one of the saltiest bodies of the world, and because of this, it have attracted thousands of visitors yearly , and water of the Dead Sea is also used to create cosmetics or herbal sachets.

This proves that the ocean is very useful to human. But with the existence of modern technologies and the increasing number of population, the aquatic animal started to decline. The whales, belugas, dolphins, orcas are considered to be endangered due to human’s indifferent towards nature. The water of the seas is contaminated every day by oil spill, industry waste, and farmers who resort into throwing their animal waste into the rivers and seas. There are already numbers of species extinct because of human’s wrongdoings.

Fishermen have started to use modern ways that could haul a lot of fishes, without concerning the bad effects towards the aquatic animals. Some of the farmers even leave their nets in the sea, which could lead into a turtle died because of strangling or choking. Tourists and locals would leave their rubbish and waste into the seas or the seashore, which would also harmful to fishes or even able to kill a healthy turtle.

Excessive usage of electric consumption has caused the global temperature to increase and the ocean such as the Southern ocean have started to lose their ability to absorb carbon dioxide, a green house gas, which warm up the atmosphere. With the heat rising drastically , the iceberg in the Northern Pole and Southern Pole will melt ,causing the water level to increase, and would later sink the low land. This disaster, which was caused by human, will, ironically may cause the humans very extinction.

With the declining numbers of marine animals would soon lead to their extinction. This would create a big impact towards the human. If the commercial fishes already extinct, then human have lost their main source of protein, thus their diet would be unstable. Exotic animals, which numbers have started to decline and should they extinct, the future generations will not be as fortunate as the current generations, who knows and got a chance to see them. These animals would soon joined the dinosaurs, and only remain in memories and science text.

Should the rate of species declining, the authorities should take heavy precautions on saving the marine creatures. They should enforce the laws and those who flout the rules should be heavily punished in order to create awareness of this danger and avoid any further damages we caused to Mother Nature.

How about it ? This article was originally my idea, with help from my parents and general info from the Net.

Cheers !

Friday, March 27, 2009

60 Earth Hour 2009

The Earth Hour 2009 is an event held by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) with participants from all over the world. This 28 March (Saturday) , people around the globe are asked to switch off their lights for one hour from 8.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.

This noble event will create awareness among us that we're only have one Earth , and it's dying slowly because of our indifferent towards nature. We should cherished our Earth and save it for future generations to live healthy and happily.

In Malaysia, most tv stations and radio stations will show their efforts in joining this event. So this means no tv or radio for an hour , and not only you can switch of your lights , you could also turn off your tvs or radios to further support this event.

Do your part in saving the Earth by switching off your lights or any electric-consumption properties that you can live without for one hour, anywhere you are , either at home , or you owned a restaurants or at work. By doing this small favor together , we could save our beautiful Earth from further destruction.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Exam ...

I just had my first examination for upper form (4,5 and 6) and the results ? Total disaster !!!

Most of the marks ranging from 48(Mathematics) - 70(Chemistry). Only my English stand out from the rest , (90) , and also the highest in my class... When I got my B.M. result (54) , the teacher asked me why I did so badly. I seriously don't know what the heck is wrong with B.Melayu and me. From primary school , I never had any luck for B.M. , save for my UPSR . Then the teacher asked my English mark , which I proudly mentioned it was an A1. and she started scowling at me , and asking am I seriously borned Malay ?

Of course , I failed at only one paper , the most feared Additional Maths. I mean , I memorized all of the formulae and suchs , but I dont know how to apply them. But I'm not surprised by the mark , as I was expecting it right after I've finished the paper.

Now that I know which is which in this exam , I'll try to improve for my upcoming mid-year exam and hopefully I can score B.M. and Add.Maths for the sake of it .

Cheers !

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Race to Witch Mountain

Short synopsis of the movie
A Las Vegas cabbie enlists the help of a UFO expert to protect two siblings with paranormal powers from the clutches of an organization that wants to use the kids for their nefarious plans

Honestly , these days I rarely seen a movie in the theater (the last would be Bedtime Stories) since there's nothing interesting or new coming in the cinema , or I was just being a bit picky , as I really don't like any Malay movies or the movie was just not for my age. It was a boring day , and at night , my parents decided that we're going to see Race To Witch Mountain , starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. In my thought , since it has Dwayne in it , this could be interesting to watch.

After a few hours and dinner , we're in the cinema , and the movie started rolling. At first , there was some disturbance and annoyance with the loud "WOW" and such , but then , it became more peaceful again , as cinemas were meant to be.

The movie itself was good. It is a normal meet-run-save movie , so it lacked the surprising moments. The ending was also predictable , and there were some moments when Dwayne's sarcasm and humour really hits the spot. Although Carla Gugino who played Dr Alex Friedman was one of the main character , she only appeared once at the beginning and only got active in the end , which , somewhat a pity because she shared great chemistry with the rest of the cast, and got involved quite late into the thick of things.But of course if there's any consolation, like how the bits during the end credits would suggest, and depending on the box office results, there might be room for more in a sequel, if it comes.

Despite some glaring plot loopholes, Race to Witch Mountain has all the ingredients for a great family outing. The story doesn't try to be more intellectual than it can handle, and doesn't let the special effects run wild and take over everything else. For being such a sentimental fool, the ending also got some brownie points from me, as it's tough not to shed a tear or two given the trials and tribulations from which a solid bond is formed amongst all the characters. Recommended for a family outing, but don't go expecting something out of this world (pun not intended), as everything's pretty formula

I think that's all I'm gonna write for now.

Cheers !

Saturday, March 21, 2009

PPSMI ? Huh ?

There's a lot of discussions about PPSMI (Pengajaran Dan Pembelajaran Sains Dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris/ Teaching and Learning Science and Mathematics in English) for students in Malaysia. Some parents , students , and even teachers reject it , and some would exaggerate , by protesting with banners and assaulting the government with mockeries in public. And for what reason did those narrow-minded people did that ? Well, one of the ridiculous reason I heard from some parents that by doing so , the youngs would be under the influence of the British and would lead to another 'colonized Malaysia'. And the most common reason I heard is "martabatkan bahasa melayu".

Heck ! I would like to see those who hold on that stupid statements and smack the truth in them. In my humblest opinion ,English is needed in these 2 subjects (Science and Math) , as they were, and still are, used worldwide and moreover, it's a global language. Where could you find malay-speaking professors in Harvard , Yale , or Oxford ? Unless they started to hire some. I dont mean to undermine Bahasa Melayu , but during these days , most of the jobs available require students to master and speak fluent English , as they might going to compete with people around the world, and of course Bahasa Melayu in order to strive and able to support their lives.

Parents should see this through , rather then attacking the government mindlessly, and think of what PPSMI will help their children in furthering their studies towards the international level and becoming a respected person not only in Malaysia , but also in all countries.


Startin' anew blog

Since most of my friends have started blogging without my acknowledge , I would like to start one :D

More about me
Just a normal typical teenager who lived in a suburban area in Seremban , Negeri Sembilan , Malaysia. Whenever i felt bored , I'll always seek for companions available, read books/comic, annoys anyone closed to me :P , or turn on my computer and play games for hours non-stop. Seriously , imma hardcore gamer , and lust for new games , which tend to leave me broke and died boredom.

What i enjoyed most is hanging around with my friends or touring in the city. Currently still in school , and , like all other teenagers with my age (16) , is trying to cope with my studies.

I think thats I could tell for now. Cheers !