Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Exam ...

I just had my first examination for upper form (4,5 and 6) and the results ? Total disaster !!!

Most of the marks ranging from 48(Mathematics) - 70(Chemistry). Only my English stand out from the rest , (90) , and also the highest in my class... When I got my B.M. result (54) , the teacher asked me why I did so badly. I seriously don't know what the heck is wrong with B.Melayu and me. From primary school , I never had any luck for B.M. , save for my UPSR . Then the teacher asked my English mark , which I proudly mentioned it was an A1. and she started scowling at me , and asking am I seriously borned Malay ?

Of course , I failed at only one paper , the most feared Additional Maths. I mean , I memorized all of the formulae and suchs , but I dont know how to apply them. But I'm not surprised by the mark , as I was expecting it right after I've finished the paper.

Now that I know which is which in this exam , I'll try to improve for my upcoming mid-year exam and hopefully I can score B.M. and Add.Maths for the sake of it .

Cheers !


  1. Darling,

    When i suggested to write about your exam results i didn't think you would be so bl**dy honest about it by showing your marks ha ha ha....but i am proud of you when i read your take on this....we discussed these results and we shared on the how you are going to improve...thats what the learning process is, learn from the for your BM, do bare in mind that is our mother tounge so you have to do whatever it takes to improve...i dont expect a 90 in your next exam, high 70 or 80+ would be nice for an improvement....similarly to other subjects keep on moving forward and do remember i am always with you.....

    you mum...

  2. yo ji ho! same goes to me. i failed in add maths too lor... hey
    you still play dota ka??

  3. Well boy, for BM, you need to learn the rules and be creative. Same goes with BI. As for the technical subject, it is not worth of memorizing the formula if you didn't know how to apply it. In technical stuff, everything that you learned has a meaning towards life and its application. Better try to understand it and it will make your study more enjoyable, take physics and chemistry for example.
    Cheers boy.
    Billy the kid