Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Practice , Practice ....

Since English is my second language , I still have to practice a lot and I don't expect any fantastic grammar or bombastic vocabs. But I'll practice and practice to become better :D

Here is an article i wrote/typed for my oral test.

The ocean is a major body of salty water which made up two third of the earth. It is divided into several main oceans and smaller seas.

The ocean is so vast that only almost 80% of the oceans were explored. It also contains countless of aquatic species, and hundreds to be discovered every few weeks. The ocean also consists of various breath-taking natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef or the Mariana Trench, which is the deepest point of the ocean and the deepest trench discovered yet. Who knows, the infamous prehistoric Megalodon might be lurking in the deep abyss of the seas, waiting just to be discovered.

The usage of the seas dates back thousands of years before. Ancient people, who spent their live living in a nomadic ways of hunting and gathering food from the forest, started to live in a tribe and started staying permanently nearby the seashores or rivers. There are many expeditions proved that most of the ancient civilization started from the seashore or rivers, as the people are mostly consist of farmers and fishermen.

The ocean is the main source of protein for human and other creatures. It supplied food for us over millenniums. The water from the ocean is not drinkable due to its high on salt. The Dead Sea, which is located between Israel and Jordan, is one of the saltiest bodies of the world, and because of this, it have attracted thousands of visitors yearly , and water of the Dead Sea is also used to create cosmetics or herbal sachets.

This proves that the ocean is very useful to human. But with the existence of modern technologies and the increasing number of population, the aquatic animal started to decline. The whales, belugas, dolphins, orcas are considered to be endangered due to human’s indifferent towards nature. The water of the seas is contaminated every day by oil spill, industry waste, and farmers who resort into throwing their animal waste into the rivers and seas. There are already numbers of species extinct because of human’s wrongdoings.

Fishermen have started to use modern ways that could haul a lot of fishes, without concerning the bad effects towards the aquatic animals. Some of the farmers even leave their nets in the sea, which could lead into a turtle died because of strangling or choking. Tourists and locals would leave their rubbish and waste into the seas or the seashore, which would also harmful to fishes or even able to kill a healthy turtle.

Excessive usage of electric consumption has caused the global temperature to increase and the ocean such as the Southern ocean have started to lose their ability to absorb carbon dioxide, a green house gas, which warm up the atmosphere. With the heat rising drastically , the iceberg in the Northern Pole and Southern Pole will melt ,causing the water level to increase, and would later sink the low land. This disaster, which was caused by human, will, ironically may cause the humans very extinction.

With the declining numbers of marine animals would soon lead to their extinction. This would create a big impact towards the human. If the commercial fishes already extinct, then human have lost their main source of protein, thus their diet would be unstable. Exotic animals, which numbers have started to decline and should they extinct, the future generations will not be as fortunate as the current generations, who knows and got a chance to see them. These animals would soon joined the dinosaurs, and only remain in memories and science text.

Should the rate of species declining, the authorities should take heavy precautions on saving the marine creatures. They should enforce the laws and those who flout the rules should be heavily punished in order to create awareness of this danger and avoid any further damages we caused to Mother Nature.

How about it ? This article was originally my idea, with help from my parents and general info from the Net.

Cheers !

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  1. yup..practice need to this to your BM as well, in fact you should make more efforts to improve your BM as thats your mother tounge....

    as for the article...its an excellent write up...keep it up

    your mum...