Saturday, May 23, 2009

AI 2009

American Idol this year had just ended, with finale which performances was a blast, bigger and better than last year's...

Kris Allen was officially crowned this year's idol, outvoted the rocker Adam Lambert.

I have to say that this season have been amazing , with few contestants being my favorites such as Lil, Kris...

Various world iconic artists and hugely known personalities came and performed from Black Eyed Peas to Steve Martin

And I was also slightly pleased that Kris had won, course I prefer him to Adam , for rock isn't my choice of music...

Here's a photo of Kris funny face when he sang, he did that in almost every performance LOL Either he was enjoying the music, or just messing around with his face :D

Here's the big 'O' face when he was declared the winner

Hehe .... but still my favorite idol is always , Kelly Clarkson LOL !!!


  1. This Kris guy is just a mediocre actually, as compared to Adam Lambert. I think it's a scam by AI to put him there as a winner. If Adam wins, then it confirms that Kris is the mediocre and as second place, he will be forgotten down the line. In contrary, at least he gets some galmours there as a winner and Adam can still shoot to stardom as a good and talented singer.Cheers mate.

  2. Adam screech more then singsing, as if screaming like a banshee, that is..

  3. Hmmmm, so even he screech, it still sounds good, with all those standing ovations that he got. He sure is a talented singer.