Saturday, May 23, 2009

AI 2009

American Idol this year had just ended, with finale which performances was a blast, bigger and better than last year's...

Kris Allen was officially crowned this year's idol, outvoted the rocker Adam Lambert.

I have to say that this season have been amazing , with few contestants being my favorites such as Lil, Kris...

Various world iconic artists and hugely known personalities came and performed from Black Eyed Peas to Steve Martin

And I was also slightly pleased that Kris had won, course I prefer him to Adam , for rock isn't my choice of music...

Here's a photo of Kris funny face when he sang, he did that in almost every performance LOL Either he was enjoying the music, or just messing around with his face :D

Here's the big 'O' face when he was declared the winner

Hehe .... but still my favorite idol is always , Kelly Clarkson LOL !!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A bit of this and that ...

First few weeks of this month started like crap ! On the first day (Labor Day) I stayed at home with my mom while the rest went to some kenduri somewhere else.

My mom, with her hobbies of pastry decorations and such, while I was going to die of boredom. So I raid thru the kitchen, and decided to cook up something to please my huge appetite.

And voila, I managed to cook up a fried macaroni, and a cup of warm milo.

The taste was so-so, but it was expected. Im not that good yet (forgot to add salt)

The rabbit was abit funny lately. It started to eat paper, and I dont think that's normal.

Since the first pasta i cooked up few days ago, I was agitated to whip up some spaghetti bolognese and it turned out to be good. Well, good bye Pizza Hut ! Heheh...

Some deliveries my mom did ...

Somewhere in Putrajaya ......

Have you ever been in a situation when you're obviously doing something, while someone walked to you and asked what you're doing ?]

Well, I myself had been in that situation tons of times, and while I am well known in my school for my sarcasm and expert word manipulator, Im gonna share one of the situation i faced in school.

I was sitting at my desk, doing AddMath homework, while using a calculator. A classmate of mine, walk to me, and started a conversation.

XX : Zul, buat apa tuh ?

Didn't he saw the calculator on my hand, with the obnoxious look people always did when they faced a complicated problem ?

Me : Tengah buat karangan .... Payah gila nak siapkan 350 patah perkataan nih...

And he walked off, feeling annoyed , maybe ...

After I gave up on my work , I went to him, just to humour him.... and now he's the one doing some AddMath work.. and obviously a calculator was seen on his desk.

Me : Ko tengah buat apa tu ?

XX : Buat karangan... esok cikgu mintak

How dare he used my own word against me....

Me : Ooo... bangang jugak ko ni buat karangan pakai calculator. Bagus2... Teruskan usaha mu...

And I walked off, satisfied that I crushed him to pieces, but we knew we're just messing around.. Hehehehe

Friday, May 1, 2009

May has arrived

The dreaded month, May has indeed arrived. During these month, students will be locking up themselves in their room for their exams, well, not me !

Although exams are coming, its not like its the end of the world. I mean, I studied and yet I enjoyed playing games too.

And for this month, I've started to practice bowling under a coach in JJ S2.