Friday, March 27, 2009

60 Earth Hour 2009

The Earth Hour 2009 is an event held by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) with participants from all over the world. This 28 March (Saturday) , people around the globe are asked to switch off their lights for one hour from 8.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.

This noble event will create awareness among us that we're only have one Earth , and it's dying slowly because of our indifferent towards nature. We should cherished our Earth and save it for future generations to live healthy and happily.

In Malaysia, most tv stations and radio stations will show their efforts in joining this event. So this means no tv or radio for an hour , and not only you can switch of your lights , you could also turn off your tvs or radios to further support this event.

Do your part in saving the Earth by switching off your lights or any electric-consumption properties that you can live without for one hour, anywhere you are , either at home , or you owned a restaurants or at work. By doing this small favor together , we could save our beautiful Earth from further destruction.

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  1. salam bro...thanks for visiting my blog and joining the contest,but u only manage to get one right,hehehe...and u still have 2 try again....But actually,I really aprreciate ur coments bro...thanks again..
    about this topic...yup,SAVE OUR EARTH!!!
    salam ;)