Friday, March 27, 2009

60 Earth Hour 2009

The Earth Hour 2009 is an event held by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) with participants from all over the world. This 28 March (Saturday) , people around the globe are asked to switch off their lights for one hour from 8.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.

This noble event will create awareness among us that we're only have one Earth , and it's dying slowly because of our indifferent towards nature. We should cherished our Earth and save it for future generations to live healthy and happily.

In Malaysia, most tv stations and radio stations will show their efforts in joining this event. So this means no tv or radio for an hour , and not only you can switch of your lights , you could also turn off your tvs or radios to further support this event.

Do your part in saving the Earth by switching off your lights or any electric-consumption properties that you can live without for one hour, anywhere you are , either at home , or you owned a restaurants or at work. By doing this small favor together , we could save our beautiful Earth from further destruction.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Exam ...

I just had my first examination for upper form (4,5 and 6) and the results ? Total disaster !!!

Most of the marks ranging from 48(Mathematics) - 70(Chemistry). Only my English stand out from the rest , (90) , and also the highest in my class... When I got my B.M. result (54) , the teacher asked me why I did so badly. I seriously don't know what the heck is wrong with B.Melayu and me. From primary school , I never had any luck for B.M. , save for my UPSR . Then the teacher asked my English mark , which I proudly mentioned it was an A1. and she started scowling at me , and asking am I seriously borned Malay ?

Of course , I failed at only one paper , the most feared Additional Maths. I mean , I memorized all of the formulae and suchs , but I dont know how to apply them. But I'm not surprised by the mark , as I was expecting it right after I've finished the paper.

Now that I know which is which in this exam , I'll try to improve for my upcoming mid-year exam and hopefully I can score B.M. and Add.Maths for the sake of it .

Cheers !

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Race to Witch Mountain

Short synopsis of the movie
A Las Vegas cabbie enlists the help of a UFO expert to protect two siblings with paranormal powers from the clutches of an organization that wants to use the kids for their nefarious plans

Honestly , these days I rarely seen a movie in the theater (the last would be Bedtime Stories) since there's nothing interesting or new coming in the cinema , or I was just being a bit picky , as I really don't like any Malay movies or the movie was just not for my age. It was a boring day , and at night , my parents decided that we're going to see Race To Witch Mountain , starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. In my thought , since it has Dwayne in it , this could be interesting to watch.

After a few hours and dinner , we're in the cinema , and the movie started rolling. At first , there was some disturbance and annoyance with the loud "WOW" and such , but then , it became more peaceful again , as cinemas were meant to be.

The movie itself was good. It is a normal meet-run-save movie , so it lacked the surprising moments. The ending was also predictable , and there were some moments when Dwayne's sarcasm and humour really hits the spot. Although Carla Gugino who played Dr Alex Friedman was one of the main character , she only appeared once at the beginning and only got active in the end , which , somewhat a pity because she shared great chemistry with the rest of the cast, and got involved quite late into the thick of things.But of course if there's any consolation, like how the bits during the end credits would suggest, and depending on the box office results, there might be room for more in a sequel, if it comes.

Despite some glaring plot loopholes, Race to Witch Mountain has all the ingredients for a great family outing. The story doesn't try to be more intellectual than it can handle, and doesn't let the special effects run wild and take over everything else. For being such a sentimental fool, the ending also got some brownie points from me, as it's tough not to shed a tear or two given the trials and tribulations from which a solid bond is formed amongst all the characters. Recommended for a family outing, but don't go expecting something out of this world (pun not intended), as everything's pretty formula

I think that's all I'm gonna write for now.

Cheers !

Saturday, March 21, 2009

PPSMI ? Huh ?

There's a lot of discussions about PPSMI (Pengajaran Dan Pembelajaran Sains Dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris/ Teaching and Learning Science and Mathematics in English) for students in Malaysia. Some parents , students , and even teachers reject it , and some would exaggerate , by protesting with banners and assaulting the government with mockeries in public. And for what reason did those narrow-minded people did that ? Well, one of the ridiculous reason I heard from some parents that by doing so , the youngs would be under the influence of the British and would lead to another 'colonized Malaysia'. And the most common reason I heard is "martabatkan bahasa melayu".

Heck ! I would like to see those who hold on that stupid statements and smack the truth in them. In my humblest opinion ,English is needed in these 2 subjects (Science and Math) , as they were, and still are, used worldwide and moreover, it's a global language. Where could you find malay-speaking professors in Harvard , Yale , or Oxford ? Unless they started to hire some. I dont mean to undermine Bahasa Melayu , but during these days , most of the jobs available require students to master and speak fluent English , as they might going to compete with people around the world, and of course Bahasa Melayu in order to strive and able to support their lives.

Parents should see this through , rather then attacking the government mindlessly, and think of what PPSMI will help their children in furthering their studies towards the international level and becoming a respected person not only in Malaysia , but also in all countries.


Startin' anew blog

Since most of my friends have started blogging without my acknowledge , I would like to start one :D

More about me
Just a normal typical teenager who lived in a suburban area in Seremban , Negeri Sembilan , Malaysia. Whenever i felt bored , I'll always seek for companions available, read books/comic, annoys anyone closed to me :P , or turn on my computer and play games for hours non-stop. Seriously , imma hardcore gamer , and lust for new games , which tend to leave me broke and died boredom.

What i enjoyed most is hanging around with my friends or touring in the city. Currently still in school , and , like all other teenagers with my age (16) , is trying to cope with my studies.

I think thats I could tell for now. Cheers !