Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fun weekend !

After a usual week of school, one of my friends invited me to accompany him to see him skates at Mont. Kiara, Damansara. I followed, since seriously, I have nothing better to do in home instead of playing computer games and forum-ing non-stop.

So, we took a train in the mornin'. Kinda freezing at that time. Damn aircond..

After we reached KL Central, we took a cab to Mont. Kiara. At the first look of the payment for a trip to there, I was like, "What the hell ?" but with my friend's eagerness and enthusiasm in skating, nevertheless, we paid. But what's more surprising is, after we reached our supposedly destination, it was closed for some crappy function that was held at the skating park. My friend was abit, heart broken, after a very loooooooong trip, it was closed. What a waste of rm15.... So, after hours of cheering up(exaggeration)we went to Pavillion. Another rm20 kaching-kaching...

Well, all that we did in Pavillion was just sight-seeing. Seeing the prices made me almost going to suicide in there. My dad gave me like, enough money only for eating. Good thing i brought some of my duit raya too.

We had lunch in Michaelangelo, an Italian restaurant.

I had a Pasta Pollo something something, couldn't recalled what it was. Only managed to get a pict of it finished. Forgot to take the pict when it was not eaten yet. My bad.

My friend. Don't know what's on his mind, but clearly sadden by not being able to skate. LOL.

The Carbonara Spaghetti he ordered. It was really good, but memuakkan, with all the creamy gravy. So it was left unfinished even with the two of us eating it, too bad. What a waste of good food... ( it cost rm30 per plate for god's sake.)

After partially finished eating, we were going to head to Time Square, then, a foreign teenager, possibly British, came up to my friend, while showing off his skateboard. We had a lil intro. His name was Colton, and been staying here for 2 years for i don't know what. Been living here that long, Colton knew where to skate around this area. So he took us to where he's been playing. After all those hair-pulling and cheering up, finally my friend could play at last. Well, I'm okay with following them, as long as my friend is happy, I'm fine.

We reached home at 8 PM, and went back home after taking another long trip from KL to Seremban by train. Good thing this time, no smelly Bangladeshi in the train.

The next day, was like the usual day. Nothing interesting.

My family went to Syah Alam without me, as I decided not to follow for some particular reason.

Found out that I was hungry, I raid thru the whole kitchen, and decided to make some nice burgers for lunch.

Found out there were none burger buns left. Had to use Gardinia's instead.

Right after finished eating, my family came back with Kentucky's. Aiyo. Only managed to eat a piece of chicken, instead of regularly 3 pieces =(

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  1. wonder my kitchen was time please clean up your mess....if not i will lock the fridge ha ha ha.....