Saturday, August 6, 2011

Part 4 : Forming Aelus

Sanctum of Ash'alar

"A black tower stands mightily in the eye of the sandstorm that forever rages. The tower housed the Sanctum of Ash'alar, a temple that contains vast knowledge of the universe bestowed by the Pantheon that shaped Aelus, and also new knowledge that was gathered by the Keeper from time to time"

Book of Caliph, page 251.

In the middle of the Bashir desert in Feluschia, lies a sanctum within a black tower. The sanctum holds books, grimoires, tomes, artifacts, and all sort of source of knowledge and lore from the time of Aelus' creation up to the current time. The sanctum is divided into four wings and a hallway that acts as the entrance to the rest of the area.

Hallway of the Ancient

The hallway leads to the main hall of the Sanctum. It is decorated with floor of glimmering crimson marbles layered with glasses that shines when the lanterns hanging on the wall light the hallway. The wall is also covered with pearl white marbles with fractures that were purposely cracked in an artistic way. Supporting the roof are huge pillars that made of teak glazed with amber. The ceiling, however, has the image of a gloomy night, covered with stars of different sizes with the moon as its center.

At the end of the hallway, lies a tall, wooden door with elven architecture that leads to the main hall of the Sanctum and the four antechambers. However, just beyond the door, Thalia, one of the wardens of the Sanctum safeguards the entrance. There, she decides whether to let in any travelers who wish to seek wisdom within the Sanctum. She is capable of sensing the true nature of the travelers, and sends away those with dark and evil desires to abuse the knowledge that they sought.

Main Hall

The main hall, with wooden floor, walls, and ceilings features thousands of pictures and portraits of beings with significant importance in the past, whether they may be noble or infamous during their lifetime. There are four doors that lead to different chambers containing vast knowledge and a repository of the teaching of the Keepers of the Lore, with one Keeper guarding each vault, and teaching the travelers what they sought to learn.

In the middle of the Hall stands Naxos, the Curator of the Sand. He leads every traveler to any hall that he seems fit for them. However they were warned that nothing that were seen, taught, touched, heard, and smelled in the vaults should be told to outsiders, so, no records or details of the mysterious vaults ever known by those who haven't entered them. The Keepers remain unknown, and exactly what knowledge that is contained in the vaults continues to be unheard.

P/S This was written hastily and I'm sure there are silly mistakes; grammatically or such.

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