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Part 5 : Circle of Magi of Hatten

Circle of Magi of Hatten

The Circle of Magi of Hatten is the governing body of magical order in the city of Hatten of the Maralux Dynasty, located at the icy continent of Strasza. The Circle is led by the Council of Six, where five of the six elite arch magi hold all the political powers of magic and rules the magi in Maralux. It is one of the most influential Circles amongst the rest, despite its Council consists of six very young magi. Many magi of other Circles felt that they are too young; hence inexperience of ruling the magical society of the vast kingdom of Maralux, however, the duration of their ruling without many problems silenced the others of their doubts.

Syros, Grand Mage of Hatten

Syros sir Krieg, Grand Mage of Hatten, leads the Council; hence, leads the whole Circle and the magical society of Maralux. Currently, he’s just twenty six years old; gaining the seat of the Grand Mage at the age of twenty, a feat that impressed the some of the magi around Aelus, while some doubt his capabilities of leading the magi in Maralux. However, Syros disregards the others, as he had ruled throughout the entire six years without any complication. Moreover, the Grand Mage wouldn’t take any magi under his tutelage.

Syros has silky blonde hair, and a handsome face. His half-closed ocean blue eyes hide a brilliant mind, perhaps one of the most intelligent wizards of Aelus. He wears crimson red robe, with violet spaulders and carries a long staff with gnarling roots at one end and a glistening opal on the other end. A necklace with the symbol of Xalanar around his neck is one of the treasured magical artifacts, an heirloom from his ancestors.

Despite the young age, Syros is an enigmatic arch mage with vast knowledge of sorcery. He had master spells his peers can’t, delves in magic deeper than most of the other arch magi capable of, and his vast wisdom and knowledge gained the respect from all beings in Aelus. However, Syros is known by his fellow Six to be the most quite person they ever encountered. He only speaks when it is needed, and often remains in his chamber at the tower of the Circle in Hatten. He rarely goes out, but if he does, it would only be for dire matters that require the Grand Mage to be there. Other than that, he spends his time researching or visits the Sanctum of Ash’alar in Feluschia, seeking its vast knowledge.

Syros had participated in the War of the Lions, a war between Maralux Dynasty and the Tarshian Empire, started in Year 842, two years after he was appointed as the Grand Mage of Hatten. The war broke off when Queen Anora, the monarch of the Tarsh ordered the execution of a Maralux’s messenger due to suspicion of being a spy. Moreover, due to the fear of the Maralux Dynasty plotting with the underwater kingdom of Narxiria to invade Tarsh, Queen Anora, distressed and paranoid of the growing power of Maralux, ordered the invasion of Maralux. Syros had led the rest of the Council and Maralux’s magi throughout the four years of war, where he and the Council themselves had fought in the front line. They had won several crucial battles, thanks to impeccable strategies, and the might of the Council itself. With that, they managed to won the entire war, defending their homeland from the invasion of the Tarsh until a treaty of peace finally signed between Queen Anora Diazs Fordz of the Tarsh, and His Highness King Faramir and the Council of Six of Maralux.

Syros’ prowess in all twelve arts of magic is tremendous, with power capable of obliterating a whole battalion in a single swipe of his hand. However, there is a particular magic that differentiate Syros with the other Grand Magi of other Circles. It is his command of Angra Mainyu, the Sword of Swords, and Ahura Mazdah, the Shield of Shields. These two are the most powerful magical artifacts, inherited by sir Krieg family. Angra Mainyu, the most powerful offensive artifact, with blades made from light itself. Each blade is capable of cutting through any materials of defense, like a knife through butter. It can also be dispersed into millions of petal-like blades for more offensive power. Ahura Mazdah, on the other hand, provides the perfect shield of Syros, made from the hardest substances from earth, and protecting him from any attack at any angle. It is also considered as impenetrable shield, as none can break the shield.

Eschate, Mother of the Sanctum

Eschate seir Fionissia, or the Mother of the Sanctum by most people, is second in command of the Circle of Magi of Hatten, but she holds no political power over the society, as she wishes not to be involved in it. Instead, she oversees the welfare of the magi in Maralux and becomes the person for those who seeks reconciliation. Her sanctum houses refuges and shelters for those who sought them, and houses charity events from time to time. She treats everyone equally with love and care, without concerns of statuses and wealth, as that is why she is considered as a benevolent figure amongst the magical society.

She has a pale white skin with long, wavy white hair. Even her eyes lack pupils. Her facial features, however, are matched with her white robe, sash, and her pouch containing various herbs for alchemical potions and minor treatment. She often carries around a white oak staff strapped on her back. Despite the ghastly appearance, her smile soothes the atmosphere, and the common folks wish nothing but to please her for her smile.

Eschate is considered the best healer in the history of Aelus so far. Her presence alone soothes tension and raises morale. Her hymns of valor strengthen her allies while her restorative chants heal them of their injuries. Her melodies of destruction, however, are as destructive as a fire consumes the forest.

Being attuned to the celestial beings and the nature, she had helped the Empire in several occasions throughout the War of the Lions, and often turning the tide of battles to their favor in spite of her never been in the front line, and never once been offensive. But her presence and prowess in her fields were two of the vital key roles in winning the war against the Tarsh.

Caer sir Foresthyer, the Darkness Within

Out of the entire Six, Caer sir Foresthyer is probably the most feared and dreaded by almost everyone. Dubbed as the Darkness Within, his personality is that between a mad wizard and a sadistic maniac. Some people called him insane, while most cower in sight of the mage. None is brave enough to even talk to him, fearing his wrath as he is known to be unpredictable and short temper.

He is hooded and clad in what the Sand People are wearing. The only visible feature of him is his blazing amber eyes, with streaks of blonde hair and pale white skin seen at the opening of his hood. The Dagger of the Void, crafted by nether essence from the void, is sheathed inside a pouch strapped on his waist.

The Darkness Within’s prowess, however, is noteable. His affinity to the dark arts, afflictions and destruction is comparable to the powers of Syros himself. Caer favors tormenting the enemies before killing them slowly. The excruciating pain inflicted fuels him more, where he sadistically tortures the enemies with malicious spells and demonic sorcery. The cries and wailing excites him more, and he does anything in his capabilities to prolong the misery of his unfortunate victims.

Caer sir Foresthyer participated in the War of the Lions, albeit moving unnoticed from battles to battles. His allies steered away from his presence, as during the heat of the battle, his sorcery knew no allies. The soldiers of Maralux moved on to another battle to let him with his pleasure of inflicting agony to the Tarshian army. However, during the battle on the field of Fjord, just outside the southern gate of Hatten, Caer was confronted by Narsussius and Nessirlia Feywood, and Kris ilz Zion, three of the Six of the Circle of Magi of Maexnna from the Tarsh Empire. The battle between the epic magi lasted for a long time, but in the end, Caer managed to outmaneuver his adversaries, killing them, thanks to his Dagger of the Void, which provided unlimited resource for spellcasting from the Void, and empowering one spell after another. The death of three of the Six severely crippled the magical forces of the Tarsh, resulted in the victory of Maralux over the Tarshian Empire.

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