Friday, August 5, 2011

Part 3 : Aelus

Millennium ago, Aelus was a young planet, filled with streams of molten lava, uninhabitable until the arrival of Pantheon, a group of colossal beings with cosmic power. They moved from young planet to another, shaping them till they deemed the planet to be habitable.

Golganoth, the Shaper, forged the earth. He gently flattened the land, built mountains and hills, dug caverns and moulded islands with his bare hands. Nepturon, the Tidebringer poured stream of water from his gigantic urn strapped on his back, cooling down the lava and formed granite, created the seas and rivers. Al'ar, the Gale breathed air to Aelus, thus created the sky and the cloud. Anivia, the Matron of Life, tilled and seeded the land. She also breathed life towards the land, creating the first life forms on Aelus. Finally, Aman'thul, the Keeper of the Titans, bestowed down time itself on Aelus, where the plants started to grow, and creatures evolving. Then, as Aelus had been shaped to their liking, they left, leaving the young planet to grow, becoming home for humans, dwarves, dragons, and more.

The land of Aelus is divided into seven great continents. The two continents up north, namely the Eastern Aria and the Western Aria were once a great continent, until the midland was destroyed by reckless use of magic and the constant war between the Tarshian Empire of the east, and the nomadic tribe of Hyor who rebelled against the oppression from the empire. During the War of Aria (Year 767 – 788) on the Plains of Hun, King Ilan the Third of the Tarsh led the empire magi into creating a grand spell that would totally obliterate the Hyorian pests forever, but at a cost. The spell succeeded on decimating the rebellious tribe whole, however, left an abyssal void that sundered the earth and everything in its path. King Ilan the Third himself had perished into the void, with much of his army. As the void grew, miles of Aria being sundered into oblivion, from the land of Tarsh, through the Plains of Hun, to the frozen forest of Irakleia, when suddenly, the void stopped growing. Thus, the sea occupied the spaces left by the void, separating Aria into two continents. Now, the Eastern Aria is governed by the ever cautious Tarshian Empire, and the Western Aria, a frozen wasteland and uncharted by any explorers due to its unforgiving weather that had consumed some.

"It is with great honor that my father died trying to bring justice to Aria. The Hyorian tribe was savages, barbaric. Many of our brothers and sisters had fallen in the battlefield, in the name of Tarsh till finally; justice prevailed, where the Hyorians were wiped from the face of Aelus forever. With this, I bless our fallen comrades, our ever vigilant soldiers for their valiant effort and prayers from the Chapel that brought us peace, and my father, King Illan Svir Rosernberg the Third, the Savior of Aria"

Queen Anora Fordz Rosernberg

Queen of the Tarshian Empire, Year 802 -885

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