Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back with what I do best; writing !

Yeah. I like to write what I write best; fantasy story !

Enjoy !


He walked through the hallway gracefully, like a serpent glides through the shifting sands. His eyes, ever watchful while his taloned fingers stretching inward and outward. Zaa hissed along the way, with a hint of venom dripping every hiss. The lanterns hanging across the hallway marked the coming of the Serpent’s Embrace with his slender silhouette on the marbles of the hall.

Suddenly, sparks of flames flickered in front of Zaa. This had made him paused his movement while observing carefully when suddenly a figure appeared as the flame vanished. The figure was cladded in black robe and an oddly crafted spear grasped on its right hand. It was Naxos, the Curator of the Sand, Zaa’s mortal nemesis. He staggered backward.

“I knew it was your taint that was desecrating this sanctified ground” Naxos claimed, impaling the spear into the ground. The marbles of the hallway cracked, with pillars of earth jutted from the ground. Zaa hissed, spitting corrosive liquid that was capable of dissolving the deadly spears of earth projected from the ground. With a lash of his hand, he fired two fang-like projectiles towards Naxos. Naxos deflected one and another, but was hit by a third that was fired during his evasion of the first two. Then, Naxos was covered in flames, and as the flames dissipated, so did Naxos.

“Come out, come out wherever you are –“sneered Zaa, echoing throughout the hallway. He hopped across the hallway, taunting Naxos all the while. With his every step, he left trails of corrosive liquid that dissolved the marbles he stepped on.

Then, two explosions blasted behind him. Zaa turned backward, and saw Naxos kneeling in agony, with another female figure besides him. It was Thalia, a warden of the Hallway of the Ancient, the hallway they were battling in.

With a swift wave of her hand, Thalia summoned shards of piercing glasses, and blasted them towards Zaa. He clapped his hand, and the earth cracked open. A monstrous basilisk lunged outward and swallowed the incoming missiles, and vanished in the thin air as fast as it appeared. Frustrated, Thalia withdrew her dagger from her pouch, slashing the air. Then, Zaa felt as if she was slashing him for real, as if was like she slashed him from his right shoulder to his left hip. However, as Thalia slashed the air for the second time, he reacted quicker, dodging the direction he assumed the invisible blade went. He lunged his hand forward, with a blast, where green gas appeared.

“Thalia, don’t breath in this fume!” warned Naxos. As both Thalia and Naxos covered their noses, however Zaa just laughed maniacally.


Naxos’ eyes widened, as he looked at his robe disintegrating bit by bit. Thalia was already screaming in pain. They found out that the green miasma wasn’t just poisonous, it was caustic as well.

As the fume slowly tormenting the two, Zaa smirked at the anguish of his foolish opponents. Then, he proceeded leisurely towards them to finish them off.


  1. how great fantasy it is!!!! like =P

  2. Welcome back dear....keep on writing

  3. Good to see the young ones writing and this is great! Well done!