Friday, August 5, 2011

Part 2

Zaa, the Serpent's Embrace

He is an ancient warlock that several scholars have different opinions on his origin. Some said that he was abandoned by his parents in the enchanted forest of Irakleia and mastered sorcery all by himself, centuries before the devastating sundering of Aria. Some said he was once a serpent, transformed into a sentient being, a human by the twisted magic abuse during the War of Aria, hence his mastery in art of venomancy. There's no actual theory as of where he came from, as there were almost none ever recorded in history about him. However, none can argue that this enigmatic figure is dreaded by even the most stalwart soldiers.

Some said he roams throughout the world for fun, toying with anyone he encounters, and finally killed them in joy. Some even said he ate them as there were no corpses but blood left, while some said they were corroded to nothing by his venom. None had ever survived encountering Zaa, so details about him are scarce.

However, in the journal of a man named Zech, a mage of the Tarshian Empire, had the most detailed and precise information about Zaa ever recorded, as Zech had personally came across the Serpent's Embrace and the first to live to tell the tale.

"It was already night yet the battle for the coast of Hun hadn't ended. These brutish Hyorian put up an epic fight, however, defenders of Tarsh remained unmoved, ever vigilant to defend their homeland. Spells after spells were thrown at these savages, but they were endless. For every Hyorian fell, two came up to fill back their rank, and four more at the back. Their magi were the worst we could've endured, as they worked in unison hence, more powerful magic, something my brethren couldn't achieve in many years.

As the battle went on, I heard a laugh. A sinister laugh. The footmen were too caught up with the battle to notice it, but me and the other magi heard it well. We looked at the direction of the laugh, and there stood a figure in gleaming green armor, untouched by the war. Then, it proceeded to the battle.

We were surprised when it hissed, raining purplish liquid to the ranks of the Hyorian. Then, we heard them screamed in agony. The liquid seemed to corrode even the armor of the Hyorians. Many fell down, rolling around while trying to remove their decaying armor, but then remained motionless, presumed to be dead. A Hyorian was seen trying to kill the figure with his sword, but the figure effortlessly dispatched the foolish warrior, and to our surprised, it bit the warrior on his neck, with two fangs obviously seen, sank in the flesh of the warrior. The warrior fell.

Then the figure flickered in a flash, and gone. The massacre of the Hyorian ranks in mere seconds left the battle quite. The magi were whispering to each other, questioning who was the figure and wondered its alliance lay with whom. But then, a scream was heard from behind. We looked back, and the figure was choking a mage and held her high. A serpent was seen gliding from its hand towards the mage, and bit the mage at the neck. At first, the mage was struggling, but then remained still. The figure dropped the dead mage down, and walked to us with a malevolent smirk on its face. Chains of lightning lashed to the figure from the tip of my staff, while flames and spears of ice were fired towards the figure by the other magi. Grand explosion marked the striking of the spells to the figure."

However, one of us warned to look up, and we did. The figure leaped to the air, and reached its hand towards us, where suddenly it rained the same liquid that decimated the Hyorians. As soon as the droplets touched the soldiers, they fell, shrieking in pain. The corrosive liquid melted the armor and flesh of the footmen. The magi shared the same fate, as their robes were crumbling bit by bit and their flesh disintegrating. All fell down, some died faster, while the other still trying to rid the liquid from them, but it was futile. I was the only one managed to put up a barrier, protecting myself from the deadly rain. Soon, I was the only one survived, as others died gruesomely.

Then, the figure stood directly in front of me. It hissed in glee, obviously showing its snake-like tongue. Its green eyes were similar to that of a serpent, with slits that showed how it relished the slow deaths of my comrades. It stood in full-fledged emerald skin-tight armor that seemed scale-like, with bloodied taloned fingers. It fangs were dribbling venom with crimson lip that carved a malicious grin, and had a mane of that of a cobra with black, whisker-like tattoos on its face.

Then, it spat another greenish liquid, but without hesitation, I casted a spell that warped me to safety, while screaming at the pain of the acid that partially hit me at my arm."

5th Leo Year 773

Diary of Zech Fon Krieg, mage of the Circle of Magi of Tarsh, deceased.

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